Cresco is a hands-on financial advisory Services Company

dedicated to helping ideas across Africa to become reality.

Everyone has a desire to grow, an idea of what they want to achieve, to build, invest or improve.
An idea that if implemented could have a great impact on the growth of people and society.

At Cresco, we have an appreciation for growth and we understand that growth is the foundation of progress. But we also believe that the idea of growth isn’t just an idea, it’s the ideas that see the reality that have the potential to bring about tangible growth. Cresco is a knowledgeable financial advisory company that exists to help your idea of growth become reality. As an experienced financial advisory company, we pride ourselves on our ability to grasp the core essence of a vision, understand its impact on people and society, and determine its likelihood of success. Because we believe that a vision denied is growth denied and we are committed to your growth. Cresco ENABLING GROWTH!

As a financial advisory company, our expert financial advisory services play a key role in ENABLING GROWTH. Cresco works closely with both project promoters and project funders across Africa. We leverage our comprehensive financial advisory services to achieve their unique financial and entrepreneurial goals. Providing experienced financial advisory services and hands-on support throughout the journey of development, from concept to financial close and beyond.

We are your partners along the journey of ENABLING GROWTH:

  • Assistance from early-stage planning to financial close and beyond.
  • Analysing projects and designing appropriate structural or commercial arrangements to enable successful fundraising.
  • Our philosophy is centred on early-stage analysis and management support, this ensures the cost of development receives maximum returns.

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