Property Advisory

With extensive experience in property finance and development, Cresco provides consultancy across all property sectors including commercial, shopping centers, mixed use and more. With its core focus on funding and finance structuring support in both South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa, Cresco truly opens the door for your projects to thrive across sectors and borders.

Given the complex nature of funding structures for long term financing of commercial properties, it is imperative to have experienced partners to guide a project from inception through to construction completion. This is why Cresco offers customised property solutions by a specialist team to assist with property development assessment, feasibility studies and financial control during the development phase to assess whether a project is sound enough to pursue.

This is streamlined through Cresco’s core focus areas:


Property Consulting and Transaction Structuring Service
      We add value to existing developers’ operations by preparing and structuring transactions for consideration by financial institutions and/or investors, including assistance with obtaining finance for property development and purchase of large scale property transactions.
    We provide financial, progress draw and completion support and control as well as ongoing administration to support property developments during the funding phase.
Property Development and Project Management Services
      We develop property for short and long-term gain, utilizing own funding and joint venture structures with institution gearing where needed.
    We provide financial, draw down and completion support as well as ongoing administration to support property developments during the funding phase.
Property Investment
    We identify and invest in property with feasible upside in annuity income generation and capital appreciation.
Property Management and Fractional Ownership
    We identify and development property for the fractional ownership market and the management of such investment.
Cross Border Property Development
      We identify commercial property opportunities in newly developing areas, assisting commercial property promoters with bank-able feasibility studies to ensure successful financial close for proposed projects.
    We provide finance consulting support infrastructure for property developments in the larger Mining and Industrial Development areas across border.