Project Finance

Cresco offers structured financing with the purpose of developing and executing large-scale capital-intensive projects in which the lender looks to the cash flows generated by the project as the source of funds for repayment of the loan and as security for the exposure.

In short, this means that the completion of the project and its successful and profitable operation are key concerns for all lenders and investors and a focus area for Cresco.

Historically, Project Finance has more frequently been used in Africa as opposed to traditional balance sheet lending for major infrastructure projects requiring long-term debt commitments.

It becomes increasingly appropriate for many African jurisdictions – including those where the local banking system does not have the required liquidity to meet the necessary tenors – to use Project Finance, which is optimised in the way Cresco operates:

Cresco is a specialist in raising project finance, having been at the frontline of project financing of a wide range of projects across a broad spectrum of industries through a team with over 80 years of combined experience.

Cresco’ involvement in project finance transactions includes financial advisory, debt and equity capital arranging, and structuring and post closure drawdown support.

Cresco is knowledgeable across the range of industries in which project finance is utilised including energy, utilities, power, oil and gas, transport, resources, infrastructure projects and PPP concessions.

To achieve the goal of a well-structured project, we go through a detailed project development process as indicated.