Cresco is a boutique financial advisory firm having as its core service the rendering of assistance to project promoters in the development of projects to a bankable stage and marketing those projects to investors and financiers.

Cresco provides the opportunity to move your project up the value curve from concept to operation by applying specialist project financing expertise including financial, commercial and project management skills that your projects need to rise to their full potential.

The project development continuum, from concept through feasibility analysis, finance structuring, funding and construction to operation, is a complex, intricate and multi-staged process where the promoter and other project participants require continuous specialist support.

Cresco provides this specialist support and utilises its specialist expertise and skilled resources to support the entire project development process. It provides a broad range of services to clients engaged in the acquisition, development or financing across a range of industries in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Established in 2005 on a philosophy of entrepreneurial thinking, Cresco offers its clients advice on niche project finance solutions and provides transactional project development and implementation support outside of traditional balance sheet finance solutions. With offices in South Africa and Mauritius Cresco stands to help its clients throughout Sub-Saharan Africa seize the opportunity to develop outstanding projects that reach their full potential by offering specialist financial, commercial and project management support during the course of the entire project development process.